Our team

Representing a breadth of experiences and backgrounds, our committee is dedicated to bringing high-quality talks and events on biological and biochemical topics to Cantabs and other members of the Cambridge community. We care about connecting scientists, and about learning from and with other researchers. 

Shreyas Pai


I’m Shreyas, a third year natural scientist who loves sports, quizzing, and popular science. As President, I look forward to making BioSoc accessible to a wide range of people and increasing interaction with scientists & authors through a variety of events. See you there! 

Photo of Vianca

Vianca Shah

Vice president

Hi! My name is Vianca, I’m a 3rd year medic at Robinson. I love biology of course and I’m really excited to see what we can get up to in BioSoc this year!

Phoebe Pritchard

Publicity officer

Hi, I’m Phoebe, a PBS student at Queens’. I’m really interested in the biological aspects of psychology, like neurobiology and genetic influences on behaviour. As a Publicity Officer this year, I hope to make BioSoc more accessible and inclusive for all students!

Chloe Li

Publicity Officer

I’m Chloe, a second year natural scientist at Emmanuel who’s interested in neurobiology, evolution and the philosophy of science, but explores omnivorously. This includes dipping into art and creative writing in my free time. As your publicity officer, I’m excited to draw your attention to the talks we have in store and kick start some fun stash!

Holly Goodrick

speakers' Officer

Hi, I’m Holly, a Bio NatSci from Gonville and Caius. I think the most exciting fields of research at the moment are epigenetics and stem cells. Outside of biology I enjoy playing rugby and in a big band. I’m excited about being a this year’s Speaker’s Officer and hope to invite some prestigious and captivating scientists to talk at events.

William Guo

Events Officer

Hi! I’m William, a second year NatSci at St Edmund’s college. I enjoy everything to do with nature and am also an avid chess player. As the Events Officer, I look forward to organising fun events that will bring everyone together!

Aaron Koh


Hey! I’m Aaron, a Bio Natsci from Hughes with a particular interest in microbiology. Hope to bring you an exciting year of talks and events (hopefully in-person)!

Aryaman Raj Sokhal


Hey there! I am Aryaman, a second year mixed NatSci at Queens’. I am a big F1 enthusiast and also enjoy playing cricket and football. As this year’s BioSoc treasurer, what I hope to do is make the most out of the the money we have earned by spending it wisely on the exciting events we have planned for this year, and make sure that all of you have an amazing time attending BioSoc events!

Kirsten See


Hello!! I’m Kirsten from Malaysia and am a second-year Phys Natsci (no I don’t do physics) at Downing. When not glued to a computer (the reality of doing an online degree), I can be spotted outside trying to read in ridiculous weather, re-watching Hospital Playlist, or stargazing despite my poor night vision. I’ll be Biosoc’s Sponsorship Officer for the coming year, so I hope to maintain secure funding for the society, and expand our sponsorship outreach. I’m looking forward to seeing you at all the events Biosoc has planned for this year!s

Abigail Siu


Hi, I’m Abbie, a third year Bio NatSci at Emmanuel. I enjoy painting and springboard diving in my spare time. As webmaster I look forward to keeping the website up-to-date with upcoming events and working to increase its accessibility.

Francesca Puletti

Graduate representative

University of Cambridge, Cambridge
CB2 1TN United Kingdom